You Don't Look Sick

You Don't Look Sick is a short documentary series surrounding the concept of living with a hidden illness in the UK today. Created by our student production company Novas Productions.
The first episode centers Crohn's Disease and follows our contributor Lauren as we explore what the disease is, the implications of living with this illness, and confront the stigma of looking perfectly healthy although in fact those who have this disease often are not. 

This episode and the series as a whole hopes to raise more awareness of the sheer number of people living with hidden illnesses. 

Dating in the 21st Century

A short documentary episode on what its like to be dating in the 21st century social climate. This short follows one individual as he navigates the world of online dating and we unravel the societal pressures of dating. Looking further into the practice of courting, this documentary prepares to comprehend the parallels between old school dating and what it looks like now, using vox-pops and interviews to fully understand the new world of online dating and its repercussions.

Fight Like A Girl

This is the campaign documentary video for my collaborative project work at university in 1st year, together as a group we explored the campaign idea of Fight Like A Girl. This discuss' the ideals associated with girls in the modern era and the power we have as individuals and women. 

This campaign video was a also accompanied with a physical campaign at our Uni event where we had a photo booth and on-going interactions all over social media. 


Tedx bcu

Held at the Birmingham Royal Conservatoire, the TEDxBCU event was a TED registered event focusing on community held in March of 2020. 

At the event i was fortunate enough to be a part of the videography crew, filming the entire event including talks and performances. 

This included a long set up and blocking day as well as the full event the following day, where as part of the filming crew I set up equipment and chose the appropriate shot. 

The event went well and all of the videos from the day are on the TEDx youtube page, with this being one of them.